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Scottsdale - Scottsdale Quarter


Located at Scottsdale Quarter, comfortably nestled amongst world-class brands, restaurants and breathtaking scenery. This showroom features product displays and design experts ready to assist you. *Entrance located on North Street, near Pandora Jewelers. View Scottsdale Quarter Map 623.748.7243 / email

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The Shade Store

Scottsdale Quarter

15323 N. Scottsdale Rd. Suite 110

Scottsdale,AZ 85254

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Karolyn and Josh F  | Scottsdale, AZ |  July 24, 2020

I really couldn’t love the kitchen drapes more. You know it’s a “win” when both my 10 and 11 year old boys said, “Wow that looks really good!” 

Chet H  | Sherman Oaks, CA |  July 24, 2020

The installation was a success and it all looks great! 

Joanne  W  | Winter Park, FL |  July 23, 2020

Thank you so much for spending the time to get these right! They are perfect!  

Aleah C  | Scottsdale, AZ |  July 23, 2020

The install went great and so smooth! Thank you so much for making the process so easy, we really appreciate it! 

Scott S  | Scottsdale, AZ |  July 21, 2020

The installation went great and we are loving the shades and really glad we went with the motorized version in the primary bedroom. Thanks for you help and we will be in touch when we are ready to move forward with the drapery.  

Stephanie H  | Phoenix, AZ |  July 21, 2020

Everything went great and it looks awesome!  

Mary B  | Scottsdale, AZ |  July 20, 2020

Shades installed... I absolutely love them! 

Vincent A  | Phoenix, AZ |  July 18, 2020

everything went smooth and they look great! It was a great touch in completing my renovation and thank you so much for your service.  

Linda & Aubrey A  | Scottsdale, AZ |  July 17, 2020

You were delightful to work with and we enjoyed you educating us! 

Marty & Adele P  | Scottsdale, AZ |  July 16, 2020

It really is wonderful working with you and we love the product so much! 

Janess H  | Henderson, NV |  July 15, 2020

My husband is thrilled with his new motorized shades! Thank you! 

Amanda M  | Scottsdale, AZ |  July 15, 2020

Blinds are beautiful and exactly what we needed. 

Melanie R  | Scottsdale, AZ |  July 14, 2020

We love the new shades. 

Fredric C  | Phoenix, AZ |  July 14, 2020

The shade looks beautiful. Thank you for all your help. 

Kimberly and Nariman A  | Paradise Valley, AZ |  July 13, 2020

The installation went well, and we are very happy with the shades. They are very easy to use. Thank you for all your help, and we look forward to working with you again. 

Maxine & Josh B  | Scottsdale, AZ |  July 11, 2020

Everything worked out great! Thanks so much for your help! 

Joyce C  | Mesa, AZ |  July 11, 2020

The install went very well and we are happy with the product and love the motor. Thanks for checking with me. 

Paula & Rich B  | Queen Creek, AZ |  July 7, 2020

Window treatments are beautiful. Installation went well, the installer was amazingly fast and accurate. And a nice person. Thanks for your expert assistance. 

Chuanzhen W  | Sammamish, WA |  July 7, 2020

Thanks for checking! The installation was done professionally and the windows now look great! It's been such a good experience working with you. Thank you for all the help! 

Joy and Royce K  | Scottsdale, AZ |  July 5, 2020

Everything is good! We are very pleased. 

Kristin & Drew S  | Paradise Valley, AZ |  July 2, 2020

Everything looks great! Thank you so much!! 

Bryan L  | Kirkland, WA |  July 2, 2020

The installation was great and it looks great! 

Heidi M  | Seattle, WA |  June 30, 2020

We love our new blinds and hope to order additional blinds in the coming years. Thanks again for or your help! 

Maribeth D  | Glen Ellyn, IL |  June 30, 2020

Everything is great! I'll be in touch when I am ready for my next project. 

Chet H  | Sherman Oaks, CA |  June 26, 2020

Our shades are installed and they look great! Thanks again for all your help. The installation man was incredibly nice, professional, and quick. All in all a great experience. 

Mary Anne & Greg C  | Santa Barbara, CA |  June 26, 2020

Everything went well. Like the shades! 

Stacy M  | Phoenix, AZ |  June 26, 2020

The shades are beautiful! Thank you so much for your help with this project! 

Christina and Abe P  | Scottsdale, AZ |  June 23, 2020

The window treatments look great!! They made a huge difference to the look of each room. Thank you for all your help. 

Karolyn and Josh F  | Scottsdale, AZ |  June 23, 2020

My curtains were installed today and I love them! 

Tim J  | Elkader, IA |  June 19, 2020

Love them. It was a good choice. Lets light in during the day while blocking the hot sun. Also gives me some privacy at night. 

Gregory B  | Montclair, NJ |  June 18, 2020

Everything was perfect! Thanks again for all your help! 

Autumn S  | Mesa, AZ |  June 17, 2020

It went smoothly and I really like it! Thank you so much! 

Duffy & Rebecca H  | Bothell, WA |  June 16, 2020

Install was a breeze and we couldn’t be happier with our blinds (both new and old) - thank you for your help throughout our purchase and we’ll be sure to be in touch if any other needs arise. 

Martha I  | Scottsdale, AZ |  June 15, 2020

I absolutely love my shades!! They all look great and function so well. The hardware is very solid and user friendly. The installer was so fast and professional, and wore his mask the whole time. 

Tiffany S  | Austin, TX |  June 13, 2020

The new drapes look great! Thanks for checking in! 

Dona P  | Seattle, WA |  June 13, 2020

Thank you for the follow up. I did receive the shade, and I absolutely love it. My husband installed it with no problem, and it looks great. The color and texture go beautifully with my dark grey countertops, so we are very happy with the shade. 

Jen A  | Seattle, WA |  June 12, 2020

The installation was quick, flawless and efficient! The blinds were exactly what we needed. We had a great experience with you guys and will gladly spread the word of the awesome service and product you guys provide. 

Susie & Tom G  | Scottsdale, AZ |  June 5, 2020

Our blinds were installed this morning and we LOVE THEM! The color couldn’t be MORE PERFECT, and we love how they look and fit in our room on the french doors! We are so excited to do our next project with our living room and put a patio out front, and change the window into french doors with side lights! We will definitely be calling you to help us with our blinds for that project too! Thanks again! You have amazing taste! 

Barbara S  | Decatur, GA |  June 4, 2020

Installation went perfectly. Professional, efficient and highly capable—all the things I’ve come to expect from The Shade Store. Highest marks and the draperies are spectacular. Thanks for all your contributions and seeing the process to its completion. 

Sara W  | Scottsdale, AZ |  June 3, 2020

You were beyond helpful with all of our previous projects. 

Marty & Adele P  | Scottsdale, AZ |  June 3, 2020

Shades were installed this morning and look great! I am very happy. Installer that came was very pleasant and professional. 

Jim & Thais B  | Kenmore, WA |  May 28, 2020

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the new shades! Your installer was first rate too. He was early, installed everything smoothly and even fixed a clicking noise in the shade on the sliding door. So glad we spent so much time on the details. Everything went as planned and he even cleaned up the debris! Thanks for all the hard work and patience. 

Ann G  | Scottsdale, AZ |  May 26, 2020

You did an awesome job helping us! 

Anu R  | Phoenix, AZ |  May 23, 2020

Everything went very well and looks very nice. Thank you for your help, you are awesome. 

Yeji K  | Seattle, WA |  May 22, 2020

The blinds look great! Thanks so much for helping coordinate everything. 

Jim & Thais B  | Kenmore, WA |  May 22, 2020

Your support for the customer is great, as is your support for the company. 

Dipti A  | Sammamish, WA |  May 18, 2020

The blinds got reinstalled last week. They look perfect!! Thanks again for the consult! 

Kayvon M  | Phoenix, AZ |  May 16, 2020

Everything is perfect. I am so happy. Thank you again for all of your help from start to finish! 

Barbara S  | Decatur, GA |  May 10, 2020

I wanted to write and thank Debbie her excellent service. She was very patient and knowledgeable. 

Katherine B  | Everett, WA |  May 8, 2020

Thanks for your help and coordination of my appointment next week. It was good to talk with you. I said it before, but it is worth repeating. I very much appreciate your expertise, professionalism and kindness in taking over my little task. You certainly have the knowledge and customer service part down. Know that you are appreciated and your talent recognized. Thank you. 

Marc S  | Paradise Valley, AZ |  May 7, 2020

Everything was great today! All was installed and everything is working nicely. We want to thank you very much for stepping in and making things right. Greatly appreciated! We’ll keep referring people to you! 

Sarah L  | Phoenix, AZ |  May 6, 2020

Install was super easy! Thanks again for sending the instructions. We LOVE the new blinds! 

Kelly H  | Mesa, AZ |  May 4, 2020

Simple and easy!! Thank you. Looks great!! 

Hank L  | Seattle, WA |  May 4, 2020

We really like the window shade:). Really easy to install etc. Looks great, works great.  

Karly S  | Seattle, WA |  May 3, 2020

Everything looks great. 

Kristen  B  | Scottsdale, AZ |  May 2, 2020

Another home run. We’re thrilled! 

Ken M  | Bellevue, WA |  April 26, 2020

Everything went really really well. The two gentlemen who showed up did a great job thank you for everything. 

Michelle A  | Scottsdale, AZ |  April 23, 2020

I’m loving my shades! 

Karin M  | Santa Fe, NM |  April 23, 2020

My blinds arrived and I hung them myself! They look exactly as I envisioned. I am very happy with the look and I want to thank you for your help! Thanks again and it was a pleasure doing business with you and The Shade Store! 

Kristen  B  | Scottsdale, AZ |  April 15, 2020

We had been working with another company for the window treatments and it honestly felt like so much work and totally overwhelming. To have such an easy experience with you and that you totally got our style right away and guided us was awesome. We had that challenging double window in our kitchen that we never would have figured out and you recommended the wood blind that we never would have known to consider. It’s our favorite look!! 

Katherine C  | Scottsdale, AZ |  April 15, 2020

Hi! All went well and we love them. Thank you. 

Kristen  B  | Scottsdale, AZ |  April 15, 2020

Just wanted to let you know the first batch of our shades were installed today and they look so good! Thank you so much for all of the help you provided making the selections. This was all new to us and you made it very easy and fun. 

Linda T  | Scottsdale, AZ |  April 11, 2020

The drapes and valences are up. They look wonderful! Thank you for your help. Now we need to do the big slider. 

Michelle A  | Scottsdale, AZ |  April 7, 2020

Everything looks great. Thank you for your help! 

Joyce C  | Mesa, AZ |  April 4, 2020

You are so thoughtful and helpful. 

James H  | Phoenix, AZ |  March 26, 2020

All went well with the latest install. Thanks for all of your good help & attention. We will be repeat customers. 

Beth and Peter W  | Scottsdale, AZ |  March 24, 2020

Thank you so much for all you have done for us. We love, love, love all of our drapes and are grateful for the re-do on the Roman shade. We’re very impressed by the quality of product and the customer service. Thank you for being so responsive in these unprecedented times. 

Joni S  | Scottsdale, AZ |  March 23, 2020

It went very smoothly. We are happy with them and appreciate your help! 

Sue S  | Cave Creek, AZ |  March 23, 2020

Installation went well thanks to your installer's expertise. The rod was about 4in too long and the customization request for right panel string as center was a "split draw" instead. He made it work and we are happy with install and product. Thanks for all your help. 

Sharon & Roger C  | Scottsdatle, AZ |  March 22, 2020

The installation went smoothly and we are very happy with the results. Thank you again for helping us. 

Anu R  | Phoenix, AZ |  March 18, 2020

I love doing business with you, because I know I am really taken care of. Thank you for your help.  

Peta S  | Scottsdale, AZ |  March 18, 2020

Thank you to Julie and The Shade Store for the exceptional service. 

Matt & Amy H  | Lincoln, NE |  March 17, 2020

The genuine care that Julie demonstrated was incredible and, unfortunately, all too rare. Congratulations for building the kind of culture that can deliver this type of customer experience. We will be vocal fans of The Shade Store.  

Ellen R  | Wickenburg, AZ |  March 7, 2020

Thank you! I really appreciate your excellent assistance and expertise. One lady who really knows her business! 

Adana H  | Phoenix, AZ |  March 5, 2020

Thanks. It's been a good experience for us. 

Sanam & Andras M  | San Mateo, CA |  March 5, 2020

We love the shades! The install went well. We appreciate your assistance during this process. 

Matt & Amy H  | Lincoln, NE |  March 3, 2020

You are SO thoughtful. Thank you for your kindness. 

Randy & Laura C  | Gilbert, AZ |  February 29, 2020

Installation went well and we’re very pleased! Thank you!!! 

Lori W  | Phoenix, AZ |  February 29, 2020

Thank you for checking in! I love the window coverings! Super happy! You did a great job helping me select them and they did a great job installing! Thank you! 

Carole P  | Mesa, AZ |  February 28, 2020

We have been back for a few weeks now and wanted to let you know that we’re really enjoying the window treatments from The Shade Store. The vertical blind in the family room was a particularly nice surprise, from the color and texture. 

Jill K  | Paradise Valley, AZ |  February 25, 2020

I am in heaven with my new drapes. They are just perfect. And the roller shades are wonderful everywhere, too! All the hard work and discussion on HOW to make those drapes work paid off. Thank you for being so delightful to work with and for knowing your product line and the nitty gritty details. We couldn’t be happier. 

Claudia F  | Scottsdale, AZ |  February 24, 2020

We are very very happy with everything. We love the color and how the shades look. Thanks again for your help. 

Beth & Peter W  | Scottsdale, AZ |  February 23, 2020

Thanks... I so appreciate your desire to have this be all we dreamed of. 

Beth & Peter W  | Scottsdale, AZ |  February 22, 2020

Thank you so much for your follow up. All went very smoothly and I love the hanging drapes. 

Kris G  | Scottsdale, AZ |  February 22, 2020

Thank you. You were so very helpful & fun to work with! 

Molly R  | Phoenix, AZ |  February 22, 2020

Thanks for all your help, the shades look beautiful. 

Joseph  R  | Scottsdale , AZ |  February 19, 2020


Alexandra S  | Phoenix, AZ |  February 19, 2020

Everything went great and I enjoyed my first night of sleep with the blackout drapes! 

Rick and Alicia W  | Mesa, AZ |  February 4, 2020

Everything worked well and thanks for all your help!! 

Dave S  | Chandler, AZ |  February 1, 2020

Looks great! I'm very happy with shades. I'll contact you when ready to do remaining windows. Appreciate your help! 

Anu R  | Phoenix, AZ |  January 31, 2020

Customer had nothing but absolutely good things to say about our installer. So quick, so efficient and nice. 

Caroline & Mike C  | Phoenix, AZ |  January 31, 2020

All great! Thanks for your help! May be back in for other bathroom. 

Claudia M  | Carefree, AZ |  January 30, 2020

We are very happy with how it turned out. Thank you. 

Ellen & Philip K  | Scottsdale, AZ |  January 29, 2020

Thank you, our drapes look so well! It really makes a great difference! 

Rob L  | Scottsdale, AZ |  January 18, 2020

It looks excellent. I appreciate the excellent customer service you have provided me and the quality of product that The Share Store provides. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family purchasing window treatments in the future. You have been a pleasure to work with. 

Bryan & Jane B  | Phoenix, AZ |  January 17, 2020

Everything looks great. Thanks for all your help and patience! 

Anne C  | Sun City West, AZ |  January 14, 2020

Installation went smoothly. Your installer is a pro! Shades look fantastic! Fit on each window is perfect. 

Susan G  | Phoenix, AZ |  January 10, 2020

All went well. I really am pleased with my choices. It has been a pleasure working with you and the others. 

Hebe D  | Scottsdale, AZ |  January 6, 2020

Thank you, I appreciate all of your help. 

Nishi & Kimberly V  | Phoenix, AZ |  January 5, 2020

Everything went well with the install. We are especially pleased with the new height/placement of the kitchen shade. Thanks for recommending that.