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Rectangular Pillows



Rectangular pillows deliver a unique combination of style and comfort. Also known as lumbar pillows, rectangular throw pillows can help support your lower back — and look good doing it. At The Shade Store, we offer lumbar support pillows in four different styles, 400+ materials, and 90+ trims to choose from. That means you can create a truly custom look for your pillows that seamlessly matches your interior decor.

To get started designing your custom rectangle pillow, explore all your material options online and order your favorite swatches for free to compare at home. Or, visit your local showroom to explore all your pillow and material options in person. Plus, you’ll be able to connect with our expert Design Consultants who can answer any questions you have and help guide you to designing the perfect lumbar pillows for your space.


Lumbar pillows are rectangular pillows that help to provide support to the lower back (lumbar region) when sitting in a chair or on the sofa. The terms “rectangular pillow” and “lumbar pillow” are often used interchangeably, but there are certain rectangular pillows that are not lumbar pillows due to their size. For instance, larger rectangular pillows, such as those above 14” in height, are often too tall to provide the right amount of lumbar support and so would not be considered lumbar pillows. For an ideal lumbar support pillow, choose a rectangular pillow that’s about 12” x 20”.

Since lumbar pillows aid in seat support for sitting in a chair or on a sofa, they are typically found in the living room, where there’s often high traffic and lots of seating options. However, rectangular accent pillows are also great when combined with square and bolster pillows for layering on a bed.

How to Wash Throw Pillows
All rectangular throw pillows from The Shade Store come with a hidden zipper in the seam to allow you to remove the outer fabric for dry cleaning. All pillow materials, whether cotton, silk, wool, etc. are dry-clean only.


Our Rectangular Pillows come with four trim options to choose from. Each provides a different aesthetic style so you can find the right one to suit your home decor.

Rectangular Pillows with Knife Edge
A knife edge is a crisp unadorned seam around the edge of your pillow. The result is a sleek, simple look that allows the fabric to be the star of your pillow design. For pillows that will often be used as a lumbar support pillow, a knife edge trim is the most functional option thanks to a lack of any adornment that could get in the way of comfort.

Rectangular Pillows with Piping
Piping can be plain or braided, and is sewn into the seam of your custom rectangle pillow. Piping creates a defined edge for your pillow for an elevated, elegant look.

Rectangular Pillows with Fringe
Fringe can be applied to the two shorter edges of your rectangular accent pillows for a luxurious look that adds more visual and tactile texture to your space. Fringe comes in many styles from classic fringe that looks like frayed edges to more elaborate tassels, pom poms, and more.

Rectangular Pillows with Tape
Tape is applied to the two shorter edges of your rectangular pillow and typically sits an inch or so in from the edge. Your tape options range from simple stripes to more intricate embroidery designs.


Once you choose the size and trim of your rectangular pillows, there are even more ways to customize your design.
  • Fabric Choice: Choose from 400+ exclusive materials to find the perfect color and pattern for your rectangular accent pillows. Explore our exclusive designer prints and partnerships to find a truly unique design for your pillows. For rectangular pillows that will be used as a lumbar support pillow, choose more durable fabric options such as Sunbrella® high-performance material, cotton, or a wool blend.
  • Fill Options: Your fill options include either poly fill, a synthetic material, or feather down fill. Feather down fill is 100% natural and gives your rectangular pillows a softer feel, but keep in mind they will require fluffing in order to keep their shape. Poly fill provides a firm feel and more readily keeps its shape, making it a better choice for pillows used as a lumbar support pillow.


For all your rectangular pillow options as well as our full range of custom window treatments, visit your local showroom. Our showrooms feature lots of examples of all our product offerings for you to experience for yourself. Plus, our Design Consultants will answer all your questions and help you choose the perfect rectangular throw pillows for your home. To get started exploring your options, you can also order free swatches online of your favorite pillow materials to compare in the comfort of your home. If you have any questions, request a complimentary design consultation and we’ll be happy to help.