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The Timeless Classic: White Roman Shades

white roman shades
For window treatments that are versatile, timeless, and beautiful, you can’t go wrong with classic white roman shades. As a neutral color, white shades can remain the same in a room through the years, surviving paint color and furniture updates.

When to Use White Roman Shades

White roman shades are the perfect complement to a monochromatic white or light-colored room. Different fabric weights and lining options means white romans are a perfect fit from bedrooms to kitchens.

Living rooms, breakfast nooks, kitchens, or indoor patios can benefit from the light filtering properties of fabrics such as linen and unlined cotton. These materials in white tones create an airy, breezy feel, and are well suited to cottage or coastal-style décor.

For bedrooms, a privacy backing can be installed on any fabric, but silks, wools, and velvets are excellent choices for a more substantial window treatment. Linings can also help reduce drafts from leaky windows.

White window treatments are certainly not limited to white rooms, however. White roman shades can act as a simple neutral window treatment in rooms with bold paint colors or patterned wallpaper. To tie in your room’s accent colors with a white shade, try a decorative border sewn around the edges.

black and white roman shades
In Lonny Magazine, the Rock Chic article features our linen Flat Roman Shades with a black border.

Sheer Roman Shades

When privacy is not a concern, sheer white roman shades can keep rooms filled with natural light while still reducing glare from the sun. Our sheer materials are available in varying shades of white to ivory (and many more), and come in a variety of textures from linen to our patterned Sheer Wisp.

From Modern to Traditional

Solid white fabrics in clean roman styles such as Flat, Cascade, and Aventura lend themselves to more modern home styles. Their neat stacks and straight lines provide a minimal, contemporary feel to your window treatments, and can easily blend into the wall to allow other statement pieces of art or furniture to stand out.

The softer shade styles including Relaxed (shown in the image above), Tulip, and Pleated romans are still flexible, but typically lend a more traditional feel with their curved drapes of fabric.

To test out our white materials for roman shades in your home, order your free swatches and receive them in 1-3 business days.