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Corded vs. Cordless Window Treatments: What’s the Difference?

When deciding between cordless or corded blinds or shades, the right choice depends on the window and the room. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the key differences and how to decide on the best solution for your windows.

Corded Shades, Blinds & Drapery


The Shade Store offers corded options in the form of a continuous loop control for many of our shades including Roller and Solar Shades, Roman Shades, Cellular Shades and Woven Wood Shades. Many track systems for Drapery also have a continuous cord loop option, as do Vertical Blinds. Wood and Metal Blinds only feature a cordless lift control with a wand tilt. Motorized tilt is also available, but only compatible with No Lift control. 

The Continuous Loop control option is just that: A looped chain that is always the same length and kept tight by an included tension device. Pull one side of the cord and the window treatment opens; Pull the other side and the window treatment closes. We recommend the Continuous Loop control option for larger, heavier shades and drapery and high windows — it makes opening and closing them easy.

Come see us at your local showroom or request a complimentary design consultation, and our expert Design Consultants would be happy to walk you through finding the right choice between cordless vs cordless blinds or shades.

Cordless Shades, Blinds & Draperycordless shades

If you are looking for a control option that offers a clean look with no cords, The Shade Store also offers cordless control options for custom Shades, Blinds and Drapery.

Our Cordless Shades and Blinds are specially designed to be opened and closed effortlessly with a gentle pull. We recommend the Cordless Control option for smaller, lighter shades and blinds, and windows that are low enough for you to reach the top — allowing you to completely open and close the window treatments.

For Drapery and Vertical Blinds, The Shade Store offers a Baton control option to easily open and close your window treatments without cords.

Visit your local showroom or request a design consultation today and we’ll gladly walk you through all of your control options.

Motorized Window Treatments

The Shade Store is proud to offer the ultimate in cordless window treatments. Our advanced motors and automation by Lutron let you synchronize multiple window treatments, set your favorite positions and schedule timers with a remote, smartphone, tablet or home automation system. Motorization is available for nearly all window treatments and integrates seamlessly with all major home automation systems. We call it Motorization Made Simple.

Motorization Features

Smart Home Integration: Control window treatments with your voice. Our motors work with all major home automation systems.

Three Power Options: Rechargeable Battery, Solar & Plug-In. All whisper-quiet and ready to handle window treatments of any size.

App & Remote Control: Use The Shade Store’s official app or remote control to open and close your window treatments.

To learn more about our corded and cordless window treatment options, including Motorization Made Simple, come see us at your local showroom, request a design consultation or shop online at theshadestore.com.