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Located in the Easton Town Center - a beautiful outdoor shopping mall with over 200 stores and restaurants. This showroom features fully interactive product displays, free swatches and a team of design experts ready to assist you. 614.454.3490 / email

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The Shade Store

Easton Town Center

3950 Townsfair Way

Columbus,OH 43219

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Kim C  | Cleveland, OH |  September 15, 2019

They LOOK good. The installer was very efficient and professional; thanks so much for all your help, as always! 

Blair G  | Upper Arlington, OH |  September 4, 2019

The window treatments are all beautiful. They are the perfect complement to our project and add so much beauty.  

Kennth G  | Columbus, OH |  September 4, 2019

They are beautiful and just what we wanted! 

Rona B  | Marysville, OH |  July 4, 2019

Everything looks great and I am thrilled. Jose is amazing, so professional and very detail oriented. Thank you for all your help!  

Andrea C  | Washington, DC |  June 30, 2019

Our installer did an excellent job, and we're thrilled with the shades. I look forward to working with you on the next round (eventually). 

Ashley M  | Upper Arlington, OH |  June 27, 2019

Yesterday went great the fabric is beautiful and it looks so good!! Thank you so much for all your help! Such a wonderful job! Thanks!  

Stephanie B  | Upper Arlington, OH |  June 25, 2019

The blind looks great and I’m super happy with it. The installer is always so nice and professional as well.  

Marianna H  | Dublin, OH |  June 22, 2019

I am very pleased with how the new treatments look! Jose did an excellent job with the installation.  

Shelby  C  | Powell , OH |  June 20, 2019

Seriously - the blinds look AMAZING!! We love them and the grey matches perfectly. The installation looks seamless and we're seriously so pleased with everything. Thank you so much again for being so patient and helpful during the whole process.  

Joseph P  | Hudson, OH |  June 19, 2019

Everything went great, thank you very much for your help, they’re perfect.  

Natalia R  | German Village, OH |  June 19, 2019

I appreciate all your help and the excellent customer service you and your team are providing! 

Danielle P  | San Francissco, CA |  June 18, 2019

Our shades are in and we love them!!  

Natalia R  | German Village, OH |  June 17, 2019

My client and I really appreciate your exceptional customer service.  

Susan M  | Springboro, OH |  June 16, 2019

I love my window treatments. Jose was terrific!  

Danielle P  | San Francissco, CA |  June 3, 2019

Thank you so much for your help and being so patient with me! Appreciate your help and can’t wait to see the shades up! Wohoo!  

Fritz H  | Columbus, OH |  June 1, 2019

The roller shade worked out splendidly! I’m happy with the decision not to line this time. Thanks for the advice :)  

Jane B  | powell, OH |  June 1, 2019

Thanks, Stacey! They are perfect! 

Peter  K  | Columbus , OH |  June 1, 2019

It all turned out great and Jose is a real professional. I enjoyed working with you and will recommend you to my neighbors.  

Toby V  | Columbus, OH |  May 31, 2019

Please know I appreciate your time and kindness with me. 

Shelby  C  | Powell , OH |  May 30, 2019

You are so awesome!!! We wanted to say thank you so much for all of the time spent working with us. You are so sweet and we really value your sincerity and hard work to help us find the perfect blinds. Again, we appreciate it so so so much! 

Joseph P  | Hudson, OH |  May 29, 2019

Thank you for all of your help, it has been a great experience thus far. 

Cindy B  | Bexley, OH |  May 20, 2019

I am very, very pleased with both blinds! Jose did an awesome job! Thank you for helping me with these two overdue projects! 

Nancy C  | Columbus, OH |  May 20, 2019

Love it! All is great, so happy. Thank you for your great service!  

Jess B  | Double Knot Home | South Yarmouth , MA |  May 19, 2019

The client (and I) love the look and we’re all super happy!  

Yuzhou J  | Dublin, OH |  May 18, 2019

The installation was smooth.  

Susan E  | Columbus, OH |  May 15, 2019

Love it all! Jose was excellent as always. Thank you for everything,  

Ben H  | Columbus, OH |  May 8, 2019

We love the window treatments. Really looks great. 

Dalia K  | Columbus, OH |  May 6, 2019

Thank you for taking such good care of my clients and hope to work with you again in the near future. 

Kim Q  | Upper Arlington, OH |  May 1, 2019

Everything looks beautiful!! 

Mackenzie  S  | Columbus, OH |  April 24, 2019

I really appreciate all of your help, your customer service was above and beyond. I will keep you in mind for future needs and will recommend you to others, based on your customer service alone! 

Dave T  | Columbus, OH |  April 20, 2019

The installation went very well and the shade looks great. Thanks  

Dawn  M  | Columbia City , IN |  April 20, 2019

Rick and I Love it! 

Jim  P  | Granville , OH |  April 18, 2019

Jose installed the shades this morning, as scheduled, and they look great! I just want you to know that you, Jose, and everyone at the Shade Store did a great job. You were helpful, efficient, and responsive to our questions. And Jose was prompt, clean and efficient too! Great job! 

John L  | Mercer Island, WA |  April 14, 2019

Hi - everything is great. All,the blinds are installed and fit perfectly. Thanks!  

Shari  K  | Granville, OH |  April 9, 2019

The shade install went really well and she loves how it is functioning. Thanks again for all your help. 

Cris T  | Westerville, OH |  April 6, 2019

They look great and I’m very happy with them. Thanks again for your help.  

Emily M  | Galloway, OH |  April 2, 2019

Thanks so much Stacey! We are thrilled with how everything came and it was a pleasure working with you! Thank you again. 

Desiree C  | Columbus, OH |  April 2, 2019

Everything came out amazing. And I love the one panel over the bigger window. Everything just looks much lighter. Thank you for all your help. 

Jill L  | Galena, OH |  March 30, 2019

I could not be more delighted with my blinds! They are perfect in every way; the colors, the fabrics and the professional installation. This is a quality product from start to finish. My husband and I thank you so very much for everything and for all of your help and assistance!  

Sarah S  | New Albany, OH |  March 29, 2019

They look great, we’re so happy how they turned out. Thank you for everything, it’s been great working with you.  

Vivek  R  | Bexley , OH |  March 14, 2019

Everything looks good and we are very pleased with the entire experience.  

Emilie V  | Unknown, OH |  March 14, 2019

Thank you for your excellent customer service! 

Kelly M  | Maineville, OH |  March 14, 2019

The shades look great. Thank you! 

Solveig S  | Athens, OH |  March 6, 2019

The installer did a wonderful job and they look great. So much more finished and so well done. They match the shades perfectly and are exactly the right size. Great job! Thank you!  

Ashley P  | Bexley, OH |  March 1, 2019

Everything looks great; thanks for everything. 

Sandy B  | Cincinnati, OH |  February 26, 2019

My shade is terrific. The installer did a great job installing. He was quick, efficient and very tidy. Thank you for all of your help!  

Elliott B  | Columbus, OH |  February 24, 2019

All is well! The installation went great. We love the new shade. We really appreciate your service and care to detail. I will gladly recommend you and The Shade Store to my colleagues!  

Debra B  | Painesville, OH |  February 22, 2019

Absolutely love it! 

Martha S  | columbus, OH |  February 18, 2019

The shades look great! The installer did a wonderful job. We are very happy with the results! 

Danielle R  | Columbus, OH |  February 14, 2019

I absolutely love them! So perfect. The tech was great at the install, too. Thank you so much for all of your time and help with this project.  

Dr. Rose H  | Columbus , OH |  February 14, 2019

We are very pleased! The windows look much more tailored and customized.  

Kelly M  | Maineville, OH |  February 14, 2019

Thanks for your help! You are always so easy to work with, and the installer was very helpful and professional! 

Megan M  | Cleveland, OH |  February 6, 2019

The install went smoothly and we are very happy with the result! Thanks again for all you did to help out!  

Debby J  | Centerville , OH |  February 2, 2019

We are very happy with our drapes. Thanks for all your help!  

John and Susan  N  | Columbus , OH |  January 25, 2019

You and the tech have both been terrific to deal with. Thank you for your efforts!  

Leslie N  | Columbus, OH |  January 23, 2019

The shade looks great and the install went very well. The guys are obviously very experienced and do high quality work.  

Megan M  | Cleveland, OH |  January 22, 2019

You've been so wonderful and patient! Excited! 

Linda S  | Worthington, OH |  January 20, 2019

The install went well. The installer did a wonderful job. We love the drapes. Thank you.  

Michelle  H  | Bexley, OH |  January 18, 2019

Everything looks great! The installer is really great too.  

Sarah S  | New Albany, OH |  January 17, 2019

We love our shades and you guys made it so easy!  

Mary Lou S  | Cleveland, OH |  December 31, 2018

Everything went well! Everything looks great! Again, thank you so much for all your help and guidance!  

Jessica M  | Plain City, OH |  December 19, 2018

I am so pleased and I cannot get over how this finish makes the rooms feel even cozier. The selections look amazing in each room. The installer did an amazing job. He is very polite, professional, tidy, timely, and his work is of the highest quality. Thank you for everything! It has been a pleasure working with you.  

Ashley M  | Upper Arlington, OH |  December 15, 2018

Thank you so much! Everything turned out perfect! They look great! 

Greg K  | Blacklick, OH |  December 12, 2018

I love the shades! 

Paige S  | Columbus, OH |  December 12, 2018

They look great! Thanks for all of your assistance.  

Stephanie L  | New Albany , OH |  December 6, 2018

Both shades look very nice. Subtle touch that fits right into the rooms. Thanks again for your help.  

Meg A  | Columbus, OH |  December 3, 2018

Everything looks wonderful, we love all the blinds! You, your installer, and your product are great. You made it very easy. Thank you for all your hard work. 

Matt  C  | Worthington, OH |  November 17, 2018

The installer did a great job!!!  

Natalie D  | Westerville, OH |  November 17, 2018

As always, I'm 100% satisfied! Thank you for some of the best customer service I’ve ever received!  

Geeta L  | Avon Lake , OH |  November 17, 2018

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your help!!  

Victoria  P  | Sunbury, OH |  November 16, 2018

Everything looks great. Thank you so much! 

Stephanie S  | Dublin, OH |  November 16, 2018

Thanks for all your help with the window treatments for the house! They all look great.  

Dianna S  | Columubs, OH |  November 14, 2018

The sheers look absolutely beautiful. I love the look of them and the color is great. I really appreciate your help and look forward to doing some more business with you in the very near future.  

Faith H  | Lewis Center, OH |  November 8, 2018

We love it!  

Tony C  | Westerville, OH |  November 3, 2018

I’m extremely satisfied with both the installation and how the drapes ultimately turned out. Thank you for all your help and assistance throughout the process and exceeding my expectations!  

Erica M  | Columbus, OH |  November 3, 2018

They look great - thanks so much!! 

Jean H  | St. Clairsville, OH |  October 31, 2018

The window treatments are fantastic and so pretty. Thank you for everything.  

Philip  B  | Columbus, OH |  October 29, 2018

Everything is great. I’m so happy to have the new shades.  

Karen A  | Columbus, OH |  October 17, 2018

Everything looks good. Very efficient. Thank you.  

Natalie D  | Westerville, OH |  October 17, 2018

Thank you for making it easy! You have always provided top-notch customer service to us!  

Debra W  | New Albany , OH |  October 15, 2018

We are quite satisfied with our entire transaction with The Shade Store. We’re happy with the outcome, we were delighted with your consultation and service and grateful for the professionalism. I have recommended the Shade Store to others since we began working with you. I wish you continued success.  

Stephanie B  | Upper Arlington, OH |  October 14, 2018

Thanks for all your patience and assistance throughout this process. We’re very happy with the shade and think it looks nice. The installer was so delightful and professional. Another great experience with The Shade Store.  

Robin C  | Cincinnati, OH |  October 13, 2018

Thanks for your help! We love the new roman shades in our master bedroom, and the installer was great.  

Cheryl E  | Cincinnati, OH |  October 5, 2018

Thanks - everything is great!!  

Samantha G  | Vail, CO |  October 1, 2018

I LOVE the shades!  

Mia M  | Columbus, OH |  September 26, 2018

Everything was great! I especially love the window treatments in my master bedroom. Thank you so much for your help through the entire process!  

Faith H  | Columbus, OH |  September 22, 2018

I love working with you!  

Charlene  M  | Columbus, OH |  September 17, 2018

I am pleased with the window shades. I’m still shouting and jumping for joy!  

Char W  | Baltimore, OH |  September 17, 2018

We had our beautiful shades installed today. Thank you so much for your help. They are just what we needed! 

Mark P  | Columbus, OH |  September 17, 2018

Everything was smooth—the window treatments fit well and look great. Thanks for all your help.  

Shellie P  | New Albany, OH |  September 10, 2018

I just wanted to say how unbelievably happy I am with the shades! I can't stop looking at them!! I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated how meticulous the technician was with the installation. He is amazing at his job and so very friendly! Your team has been an absolute joy to work with. You are all incredibly patient, knowledgable, professional, and so kind. I can't thank you enough. My expectations were 100% exceeded. :)  

Catherine R  | Columbus, OH |  September 4, 2018

The window treatments are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much! 

Erin P  | Columbus, OH |  August 27, 2018

Love love love. Totally love my window treatments!  

Maggie D  | Alexandria, OH |  August 20, 2018

We are so pleased with our new blackout shades! They are beautiful, well-made, and keep out the daylight better than anticipated! The valance, especially, was a pleasant surprise, as I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding its style. It’s exactly what we wanted. The installation was quick and perfect. We will definitely order from The Shade Store again, when the need arises. Again, many thanks for a job well done!  

Carrie W  | Westerville, OH |  August 19, 2018

The window treatments turned out perfect and the installation went very quick and smooth!  

Rekha D  | Delaware , OH |  August 17, 2018

Thank you for all your help. We appreciate it!  

Melba M  | Austin, TX |  August 16, 2018

I greatly appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail.  

Gerry W  | Columbus, OH |  August 15, 2018

Nothing but rave reviews for my whole experience, thanks so much!  

Cheryl L  | Columbus, OH |  August 15, 2018

I love the shades and the installer was just awesome!  

Cydney M  | Austin, TX |  August 6, 2018

The installation went great and the shades work well. Thank you for your attention to detail. I’m very pleased with the products.