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A renowned interior designer, Victoria Hagan has a keenness for creating designs with modern sensibility that are fresh yet subdued. Her collections for The Shade Store are all inspired by nature: warm earth tones, cool sky blues, cloudy greys, and soft, subtle floral designs. Her latest collection capitalizes on her love of flowers, taking cues from the environment with floral patterns and her signature east-west stripes.

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TTailored Pleat Drapery in material Jasmine and color Sky hung over large windows with Victoria Hagan standing in room

Tailored Pleat Drapery in material Vanda and color Midnight layered over material Breeze and color Sand hung on study windows

Tailored Pleat Drapery in material Lily and color Buff hung on the left and material Vanda and color Sky on right

Nature-Inspired Designs with
Modern Sensibility & a Touch of Luxury

Victoria Hagan is known for her classic American style that features a strong modern sensibility as well as a restrained luxury. Her collections for The Shade Store all feature these characteristics, as well as similarly neutral palettes inspired by colors found in nature. Plus, as you explore her designs, you’ll see patterns that evoke natural elements, from a soft billowing breeze and churning ocean to a horizon line and flower petals.

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Tailored Pleat Drapery in material Casa Stripe and color Sky featured over floor to ceiling windows in a reception hall

Tailored Pleat Drapery in material Petal and color Pearl featured over floor to ceiling doors in main bedroom with white bed

About Victoria Hagan

Victoria Hagan is one of the country’s most celebrated interior designers, whose work has continually epitomized modern American luxury. Since founding her eponymous firm over 25 years ago, Victoria has been celebrated for her intelligent integration of architecture and interior design. With offices in New York City and Palm Beach, FL, her firm works on a broad range of influential residences throughout the country, providing a complete range of design services that reflect her signature style.

Victoria’s success is exemplified in her many top design honors, including Architectural Digest’s AD100 and the Elle Décor A-List. Plus, she has been inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame. A graduate of the Parsons School of Design, she also serves on the school’s Board of Governors and has endowed a scholarship in its MFA program in Interior Design.

Flat Roman Shade in Sankaty Stripe material and Moon color featured over large windows with black frame in a sitting area

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Q&A with Victoria Hagan

Learn more about Victoria Hagan and her latest collection for The Shade Store with this Q&A she graciously conducted with team members from The Shade Store.

Does this [new] collection have an overarching theme?

“This collection is all about the luxury of softness and the subtlety of pattern and how that can create a sophisticated, yet serene environment.”

What separates this collection from your first launch with The Shade Store? Were there new techniques or projects where you might use these materials that inspired you?

“The first collection introduced my personal sensibility. We never dreamed it would be so successful. This time we took it to the next level by introducing a more sophisticated design aesthetic while relying on much of the same palette and principles. I am so proud of this collection.”

What drove your pattern choices?

“The view of the horizon inspires my east-west stripes. There’s an architectural quality to these beautiful fabrics.”

What drove your color choices?

“I take my cues from nature and the environment, especially the sky and ocean. In this collection it was about flowers. Strong and fluid. Subtle and soft.”

Can you share a bit more about each design?

Lily: “My lily stripe is both soft yet sophisticated. It is a pattern that adds verticality to any space. There is a subtle texture that frames the view and softens the light in a beautifully simple way.”

Jasmine: “Jasmine is at the heart my collection. It is subtle but complicated. It is understated and elegant. The subtle sheen adds a glow to any room.”

Petal: “Petal is a soft printed velvet. It is soft and extremely luxurious. The subtleness of the pattern is elusive as light hits it. Petal brings a coziness to any room it blooms in.”

Vanda: “Vanda, like my favorite orchid, has an exotic pattern. The sheen of the fabric is new for me, and I love how it frames a view and allows a special glow to a room.”

Casa Stripe: “Casa was designed as a sophisticated classic stripe. Casa is all about the beauty in the subtle and sometimes that is exactly what is called for.”

Can you describe the creative/design process in developing these materials working with The Shade Store?

“The Shade Store is a fabulously encouraging collaborator. I find our brainstorming sessions very inspiring. We each talk and listen. They have so much experience and a distinct manufacturing and sales point of view that meshes with my own. They capture the sense of luxury I envisioned for this collection with their beautiful textiles and weaves.”

How would you design with these materials? Where might you use them in projects?

“I would use these fabrics in every room of my home.”

At what point in the design process do you start thinking about the window treatments?

“It’s one of the first decisions I make when designing a room. It all begins with the windows and framing the view.”

What excites you about expanding your collection with The Shade Store?

“The aesthetic of this collection is completely different. There are more luxurious textures – soft velvets and silks. It brings a modern sensibility while retaining a sense of tradition.”