Roller Shades

It's time to customize your roller shade. Every design choice you make will be handcrafted in our state-of-the-art workroom. Select a mount type, roll type, bracket color and more. View Details
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Inside Mount
  • inside window frame
  • a clean, built-in look
  • minimum depth requirement
Outside Mount
  • outside window frame
  • a taller, dramatic appearance
  • no minimum depth requirement

Need help measuring? To view our step-by-step instructions, click here.

For inside mount, material will be approximately 1 3/8" narrower than your ordering width to allow for brackets. For outside mount, material will be 1 1/4" narrower than the measurement you provide to allow for brackets.

Rollers are incredibly versatile. Choose from 2 different control types: Continuous Loop and Cordless. Each has unique benefits.

*Cordless control has been certified “Best For Kids” by an independent third party in conjunction with the Window Covering Manufacturers Association.

Consider the placement of your treatment and select a position that's easily accessible for you. "Left" and "Right" refer to your left and right.

  • Choose from 5 designer bracket colors to complement your shade.

  • Select 1 of 3 chain colors to accent your custom roller shade.

Regular Roll
  • fabric falls off back of roll
  • shade remains closer to casing
  • compatible with metal valance
Reverse Roll
  • fabric falls off front of roll
  • more clearance and a finished look
  • incompatible with metal valance

  • metal bar rests in 2" pocket
  • bar not visible
  • decorative metal bar exposed
  • 3 colors: White, Silver or Espresso
*NEW* Motorization now available!
Starting at +$400 per shade.
Contact us for details

Metal Valance
  • white, silver, espresso or insert
  • conceals control mechanism
  • not available with reverse roll
  • surcharge applies
Upholstered Valance
  • same material as shade
  • conceals control mechanism
  • 4" tall handcrafted valance
  • surcharge applies

Great for keeping track of multiple items! Create a label to help easily identify this treatment when your order arrives. Consider using the name of the room where it will ultimately end up e.g. "Kitchen" or "Guest Bedroom".