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Wood Blinds

Finish Customizing Your Blinds in 7 Simple Steps

A precise cut, an elegant stitch, a steady hand - design details are everything. Let's customize your Wood Blinds.

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Inside Mount
  • inside window frame
  • a clean, built-in look
  • minimum depth requirement
Outside Mount
  • outside window frame
  • a taller, dramatic appearance
  • no minimum depth requirement

Need help measuring? To view our step-by-step instructions, click here.

Wood Blinds are incredibly versatile. Choose from 2 different control types: Cord Lock or Cordless. Each has unique benefits.

Cordless control carries a 3’ minimum surcharge.

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Wood Blinds are incredibly versatile. Choose from 3 different tilt types: Cord, Wand, and Motorized. Each has unique benefits.

"Control" is the cord used to lower and raise your blinds. "Tilt" is the wand (or cord) used to open and close the slats. Select positions taking into consideration any obstructions that might make operation difficult.

Multiple on 1
  • 2 or 3 sets of blinds hang from 1 headrail and operate independently
  • perfect for covering large windows and doors
  • 2" matching wood valance included
  • small gap (approx. 1/2") will exist between the 2 blinds

Create a label to help easily identify this treatment when your order arrives. Select a room and enter a brief description of the window’s location.
as shown:

2" Bamboo 

TOTAL $--.--