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The Shade Store 101: Insulated Curtains

  Selecting a lining option is an important part of ordering custom drapes. Unlined drapes are made only of your fabric of choice, with no lining sewn to the back. This preserves the natural transparency of the material, and is perfect for sheer drapery. If you are looking for window treatments to decrease drafts or […]

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Drapery Hardware – It’s All About the Accents

    Poring over swatches and choosing the perfect material and color is only half the fun when it comes to choosing custom made drapery. You still need to decide on your hardware, which will determine both how your drapes look and how they function.   Drapery Rails and Tracks At The Shade Store, we […]

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Custom Made Drapes – How The Shade Store Brings Your Unique Drapery Style to Life

  Cascading folds of fabric surrounding a window bring a luxurious softness to the space. Drapery is a wonderful decorating asset; bright prints can become the focal point of the room, or muted colors can fade into the background while adding texture and dimension to a simple wall.   Not all drapes are created equal, […]

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Bringing Your Style into View: The Best of 2015

Your home is the ultimate showcase of your style – the colors, textures, and décor that you choose all work together to create that feeling of you. Every homeowner’s vision is different, and every design reflects your individuality.   At The Shade Store, we’re passionate about bringing your style to life, whether it’s classic, eclectic, […]

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Design Consultants Pick Their Favorites

We talk quite a bit about style around The Shade Store showrooms: fabrics, fashion, current trends, etc.. Not surprisingly, everyone has a favorite Shade Store fabric and a reason why they love it so much! We decided to open up the conversation, company wide, and see if anyone would be interested in sharing. We got […]

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